Results of an intensive therapy month with Ramon Cuevas (Inventor of CME therapy)
Thanks to God and to all those angels who contributed for Yussuf's therapy, Yussuf was able to go through an intensive month of CME therapy with the inventor of CME therapy Ramon Cuevas who came from Chile to Canada in the month of July. This man is a gift from God to kids with devolopmental delay ! In one month, Yussuf gained what he would usually gain in a couple of months !! at the end of the month, Yussuf's trunk control and stability improved soo much more than before , and he is able to do harder exercises that he couldn't do before, Thanks God.

Kindly visit Yussuf's gallery to view some amazing pictures and videos of Yussuf doing amazing exercises with Ramon. More videos and pictures will be added as time allows me.

On the last day of this intensive therapy month with Ramon Cuevas, i was crying on my way back home from hapiness and I just didn't know how to thank all those who contributed to his therapy sessions, cause without all those donations, Yussuf would never have dreamed to have this intensive therapy month with Ramon and would never be able to make that much gains in such a short time.

The other good news also is that Ramon confirmed to me that eventhough Yussuf is very involved physically and is a very hard case to deal with, but because of the way he responded to all the exercises, Ramon thinks he has all the potential to walk God willing if he continues to receive intensive therapy.

and I am sure that God will keep sending Yussuf angels that will continue their support for his therapy until he is able to walk on day God willing.