Yussuf who is 13 years old has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He can't use his hands or feet, can't sit or anything. he is also visually impaired, can't speak and eats via a G tube. Thanks God, his hearing is normal. This is a blessing from God and my road to heaven God willing. Yussuf is a very happy baby who is always smiling. The doctors tell me that he is also cognitively delayed, but i feel he is a very smart boy. we will see. Whatever comes from God is good.

The Government doesn't cover a lot of therapy for him and they are always trying to cut the therapies. Private therapy is very expensive $120/hour, but since i started the private therapy, I have seen a huge improvement in his motor skills. Unfortunately, we can't afford to continue his private physiotherapy and it is his only hope to ever learn how to sit, hold his head well, stand or walk... His brain was damaged and we need to reprogram it while he is still a baby and there is still hope to be reprogrammed. I need to be clear though that we can afford having some sessions; however, the burden with the therapy is the on going cost. and only with an on going therapy that we can see results.
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